ClickCease Address Validation - Syniti Matching (matchit) Updates

Verify, Correct & Standardise Your Address Data

Our address verification solutions are optimized for lightning-fast batch processing – either as an API, or as a component of a fully-integrated data quality solution – allowing you to parse, verify, correct, standardize, and format address data against Royal Mail’s Postal Address File. We also provide integrated options for validating addresses from over 240 countries worldwide.


Scalable In-Memory Address Validation

Traditional batch solutions for address verification were written for old technology where memory was limited and Royal Mail Postal Address File (PAF) data had to be compressed as far as possible to limit the amount of hard disk space needed. This required a trade-off in performance because of the way the data had to be read from the disk. Syniti Match has been developed to make full use of the availability of vastly greater, more affordable disk capacity and memory to achieve superior performance and scalability. Match is built on Syniti’s revolutionary in-memory architecture so it not only delivers greater throughput but also higher, reliable match rates against PAF.

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Data Quality Platforms with Integrated Address Validation

Syniti delivers solutions powered by Syniti Match which provide a full spectrum of contact data quality capabilities – a built-in data matching and ETL engine that parses, restructures, standardizes and unifies your data, with integrated address verification using Royal Mail PAF. In addition, the SQL Server integration and Desktop deployments of Syniti Match provide new addresses for UK movers via integrated suppression processing and the SQL Server integration provides international address verification.

Match for Workstations

Syniti Match allows users of all levels to create jobs for matching, standardization, and address verification using a simple workflow canvas. Syniti Match for Workstation jobs can be repeated easily and amended, and configurations can be shared between users.

Syniti Match for Workstation provides full-spectrum data cleansing including address verification and suppression. It also includes Mailsort and Downstream Access sortation for mailing use cases.

Both these solutions can be deployed on the workstation or the server.

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Match for SQL Server

Syniti Match for SQL Server is a data quality platform integrated within Microsoft SQL Server, delivering rapid performance that scales with your hardware. It delivers matching, address verification, suppression, and sortation using SSIS or SQL Server Management Studio and allows automation of batches, streams of data and individual records.

Syniti Match for SQL Server verifies and corrects UK addresses using Royal Mail PAF and provides international address verification either on-premise and/or as a web service, depending on volumes by country.

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Address Verification APIs

Syniti provides Verify as an API that you can call from your own application for batches of data.

We also understand the intricacies of global address data management. Easily integrate batch or single record lookup for precise global address and geocode data around the world with the international address verification API. Deploy the international Postal Address File data “on-premise” for secure large enterprise requirements, or via a transactional web service that can easily scale with your needs – or mix and match depending in which countries you have high volumes of customers.

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