ClickCease Mailsort - Syniti Matching (matchit) Updates

Mail Sortation

Widest Choice to Minimise Postage Costs

Integrated Mailsort and Downstream Access sortation in an intuitive interface for both new and experienced Mailsort users. Integrated address verification using Royal Mail’s Postal Address File corrects addresses and postcodes so they qualify for Mailsort discounts.

Choose between Royal Mail Mailsort services and Downstream Access providers including Whistl, UK Mail and Citipost. The Price Comparison tool allows both new and experienced Mailsort users to gain maximum discounts with minimum effort.

Keep up to date with price changes and Mailsort tables

Tariffs and tables are included with the software and updates distributed whenever they are released. Up-to-date Mailsort and Downstream Access services include Advertising Mail, Business Mail & Publishing Mail (low sort and high sort options). Options include Barcode*, Mixed Weight and include support for the Mailmark™ eManifest system for uploading data.

*Requires DPS Codes to be supplied, or added by Verify, the address verification module of matchit

Making Mailsort Easier with matchit

Mail sortation is available in Syniti Match, which allows easy automation of regular jobs.  You can output sorted data, bag label files, and all the reports required for Royal Mail and third-party providers.