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Single Customer View

Accurate and Consistent Single Customer View Software

Accurate and Consistent Single Customer View Software

Customer data is the lifeblood of today’s organisation. Intense competition in every industry has made it all the more important for companies to deal with their customers needs efficiently to retain their business and identify opportunities for further sales.

How is this possible without a true Single Customer View?

Accurate: where you need it.

Syniti Match knows the science behind the 360o view of the customer. Syniti offers a host of deployment options and cutting-edge matching architecture built with customer data matching, verification and standardization at its heart. The Single Customer View is a concept very close to our hearts, and it is not only what we pride ourselves in doing well, it’s how we acquired and retained great customers the world over.

A single customer view software solution that fits your needs:

A revolutionary database-independent, CROSS-PLATFORM matching API that provides deduplication of large contact databases, matching across files of any size and streaming of matching in real time.

Easy-to-use workstation solution to enable companies with specific departmental requirements or limited IT resources to benefit from sophisticated matching. Developed to be easy-to-use by anyone within the organisation, with workflows that can be shared between users – with simple implementation which can be performed by non-technical staff.

Syniti Match integrated into Microsoft SQL SERVER to perform matching within and across files and comprehensive data cleansing inside a secure  single customer view database platform. Extensible using other SQL Server-based tools and enables full automation.

Duplicate Prevention and Inquiry using intelligent fuzzy matching and rapid address capture to form a robust and comprehensive DATA ENTRY FIREWALL. Connect to multiple data sources in real-time to enable an on-the-fly Single Customer View.